The loss of a job, an injury or any other unexpected event can derail any budget. If you are overwhelmed by debt, Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be the best way to put your financial problems behind you and make a fresh start. The lawyers at Thompson Vollono & Donovan can explain how filing bankruptcy could help you.

We Can Help Solve Your Debt Problems


Our firm has a 30-year history in Plainville and our attorneys have more than 100 years of legal experience between them. We have seen the way financial problems can affect a person’s emotional state and family life. We have also seen the relief that comes with filing bankruptcy.


Immediately after you file, an “automatic stay” takes effect. This is an injunction that will stop creditors from trying to collect and end wage garnishment. Filing bankruptcy will also result in the discharge of debts, including high credit card debt, medical bill debt and other types of unsecured debt.

We Work With Individuals and Businesses


Going up against your creditors can be intimidating, but our lawyers can protect your rights. We will communicate with your creditors, relieving you of that burden. We can also help you determine how much of your assets are protected by bankruptcy exemptions. Many of our clients are able to keep their homes, vehicles and personal possessions.


We can also help business owners decide whether filing as an individual or business is the best option. Our attorneys have extensive business experience and understand the issues you are facing.

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Legal issues are stressful. We can help guide you in the right direction.

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