Is Your Will Current?

Where is your Last Will and Testament? When was the last time that you read it? Is there someone else beside yourself or your spouse who knows where to find it? If you cannot quickly answer these questions in a positive manner you may wish to take a few minutes to correct the situation. It is important that you know where the original of your will can be found and it is equally important that others close to you know where to find the original will as well. A copy of your will cannot be used to initiate the administration of your estate. Only the original will can be used. It is surprising how often we get telephone inquires asking if we have “Fred Smith’s” original will in our office. Most of the time this question comes from relatives of a recent decedent who have no idea whether Fred even had a will let alone where it is located. A “missing” will can cause much trouble and additional expense to an estate. It will slow down the process of the probate of... read more

Online Data & Other Digital Properties After Your Death?

What have you done to insure that your family and heirs will have knowledge of and access to your various online accounts? Does someone you trust know all of your passwords for your online accounts? With an increasing number of our important information, financial information, photos, music collections and similar information being archived only on our computers or online or “in the cloud” how do we insure that it is all available to our family and heirs after our death? This is a new area of the law and not many states have established laws that address this new area of probate law. What can you do to insure that your “digital assets” end up where you want them to be upon your passing? First prepare an inventory of all of the websites that you frequent together with your log-in name and password. Second, specify in your will where your executor can find the list. It would be unwise to list that information in your will for several reasons; your will becomes a... read more

Family Law FAQs

Why Should We Have a Family Lawyer? Almost every family has a family doctor, someone who can be consulted in cases of illness or other medical problems, or even for regular physical check-ups. It is just as important to have a family lawyer. The family lawyer is someone who can be consulted to meet the legal needs of a family, such as those which arise in connection with the purchase and the sale of a home, the preparation of wills, a business transaction, or the administration of a decedent’s estate. Your family lawyer can also represent you in case you or a member of your family is ever arrested or involved in a law suit. In short, just as a family needs a doctor who knows the family members and can help them to protect and maintain their physical health, so too a family needs a lawyer who knows the family members and can help protect and advise them concerning their legal rights and interests. When Should I Consult a Lawyer ? As with anything else, the best time to consult... read more

Bankruptcy FAQs

Will I lose anything if I file for bankruptcy? In almost all instances of filing a Chapter 7 petition you will be able to retain all of your personal belongings and assets, including your home, your car and all household goods. We will make every effort to protect all of your personal belongings and assets. If you owe more on your car than the car is worth, the bankruptcy court will not sell your car, because after sale there would be no money left over to make a distribution to your creditors. The same goes for your home and personal property. Even if your property is worth more than what is owed on it, you can employ the Connecticut or Federal bankruptcy exemptions to protect these items. You may be more at risk of losing property if you do not file bankruptcy. Creditors can sue you and attach your bank accounts, garnish your wages and attach and seize your property. How can I stop threatening telephone calls and letters? As soon as you retain our firm, you will be able to provide... read more

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

What is Workers’ Compensation? The Workers’ Compensation Act provides medical treatment and wage replacement benefits for employees who have been injured, disabled, or killed at work or who have become ill as a result of their jobs. Employees who have been injured or who have become ill as a result of their jobs are only eligible for benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act. Employees can only sue their employers directly for benefits unless it can be proven that their employers intended to cause the injury or illness. Why you need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Suffering an injury or illness at work and applying for workers’ compensation is a stressful time. An experienced attorney can assist the affected employee in filing the paperwork required to apply for workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ Compensation law is a specialized and complicated area of the law. A typical injured employee does not know the law, while the employer is... read more

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