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Your home may be your largest single investment. Signing a real estate contract without a lawyer’s advice may expose you to great financial risk. We can draft or modify a contract to safeguard your interests and represent you at your real estate closing.

We Know The Local Market


Throughout our firm’s 30-year history, we have represented clients in all manner of land transactions. We help residential homebuyers with the purchase, sale and refinancing of their homes, including purchasing property at foreclosure sales and defending foreclosure actions. We represent numerous commercial buyers and sellers as well.


Because we have such strong ties to the Plainville community, we understand the real estate market and know what issues arise frequently in local transactions. We draft purchase and sale agreements that meet our clients’ unique needs. If you have already signed an agreement, we can review it and explain your rights and obligations. Our goal is to help clients avoid unpleasant surprises and minimize the damage when problems occur.

Experience Yields Creative Solutions


Our real estate attorneys have worked with all local banks and mortgage companies, which means we know how these organizations operate and understand the options available to you. We have also represented clients in zoning appeals and land use matters pertaining to condominium, subdivision development, boundary disputes and all matters pertaining to real estate.


This range of experience informs all of our real estate work and allows us to provide clients with a higher level of service. Seeing real estate matters from multiple angles has given us a sophisticated understanding of the issues faced by homeowners, businesses and developers. As a result, we are able to pursue your objectives more effectively.

Seeking Legal Advice?

Legal issues are stressful. We can help guide you in the right direction.

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