No one can control the future, but preparing a will is an effective way to plan for it. If you own a business, have a family or simply care about what happens to your assets after you are gone, a will can provide peace of mind. Our lawyers can assess your circumstances and draft a will that preserves your assets. We can also help you settle a loved one’s estate.


Guiding Clients Through Estate Planning And Probate


At Thompson Vollono & Donovan, our attorneys’ collective experience totals more than 100 years. Ours is a full-service law firm, which means we have experience navigating the sensitive family and business issues that may arise in estate planning matters.


In addition to wills and simple trusts, we also help clients with:

  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Appointments of health care agents
  • Living wills (sometimes called advance health care directives)

We Can Help You Protect Your Assets And Your Family


If you die with an invalid will, an incomplete will or no will at all, the probate court will be required to distribute your assets according to state statutes. The problem is that the statutes rarely align perfectly with an individual’s wishes or the needs of the family. Our lawyers can help you avoid this unintended result by drafting a will that meets all of the formalities required by law and we can explain how often you should consider updating your will.


Our firm also assists personal representatives with estate settlement. Whether your loved one died with or without a will, we can guide you through the probate process.

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