What is Social Security?

  • Social Security is a supplemental retirement system that was established in 1935.
  • The intent of Social Security is to keep retirees out of poverty, to provide a safe and stable monetary support system for the elderly, and to provide income for family members of a disabled or deceased worker.
  • The three main Social Security programs are Social Security Retirement Benefits, Social Security Disability Benefits, and Social Security Survivors Benefits.

How do you qualify for Social Security Benefits?

  • Age: Individuals must be at least 62 years old to receive retirement benefits.
  • Length of employment: Individuals must have worked for at least 40 quarters (over the life of their work experience) and paid into Social Security through payroll deductions (or on their own if self-employed).
  • Disability Benefits: Eligibility is based upon a determination by the Social Security system along with the above listed qualifications (except for disability applicants under the age of 18).

Why do you need a Social Security Attorney for Appeals?

  • Applying for Social Security is often a complex and frustrating process. An experienced Social Security attorney can walk you through the steps involved and facilitate filing your claim.
  • Disability claims have become exceedingly complex throughout the years in regards to determining if the claimant is actually disabled and entitled to recover. A skilled Social Security attorney is often crucial to your disability case.
  • The deadlines involved in the claim process are extremely important. Failure to file certain forms or provide evidence by a deadline could lead to the denial of your Social Security claim. An attorney will ensure that all deadlines are met.
  • 70% of Social Security applicants do not win their claim at the basic application level. Therefore, these applicants need to proceed through the appeals process. If a claim is denied at the application level, the claimant will more likely than not have to appear before a judge at some point.
  • About 85% of first appeals are turned down. The use of an attorney during the first and second appeals process can significantly improve your chances of receiving Social Security benefits.
  • At a hearing, about 60% of claimants that are represented by an attorney win their disability benefits. In contrast, only about 40% of unrepresented claimants win their benefits.