The bureaucracy of the Social Security Administration (SSA) is challenging under any circumstances. When you are sick or injured, unable to work and struggling to pay your bills, the appeals process can be overwhelming. Our lawyers’ experience and knowledge can help you get the benefits you need.


Our Knowledge And Experience Produce Results


At Thompson Vollono & Donovan, our Plainville attorneys have been helping clients appeal their Social Security claims for nearly 25 years. We have a very successful record obtaining benefits for people whose application for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) was denied. Our lawyers are problem solvers and few problems are as great as being denied the benefits to which you are entitled.


We Know How To Gather Medical Evidence


The majority of benefits claims are denied initially because most people do not understand how to gather the documentation necessary for a successful application. Our attorneys know the process and our experience has shown us what kind of evidence persuades the SSA. We also understand medical terminology and criteria you must meet before your benefits will be approved.


Our lawyers can work with your doctors to obtain medical information that will help us prevail in your Social Security reconsideration appeal. If your case requires a hearing, we will represent you before the SSA. We know how important these benefits are to you and your family, so we will put forth every effort to help you succeed in your appeal.

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